About me

My name is Nathalie, your photographer. If you 'd like to know more about me, here are some informations ...

I met my husband in College. After 10 years apart, we were brought back together. Sometimes later, my two kids were born. My life, as wife and mother kept me busy for years until we got here, in Florida. I felt so lucky to live in the southern part of France, in French Riviera. I will always keep wonderful memories of it. Let's see what Miami's life is made of.

Photography has always been a part of my life since I was a teenager. I developed a love of art photography later on, when I started travelling around the world, and more since my children were born.

I will capture  your Family and your little one(s), in Studio session or in natural light so they look their very best.

I take pride in creating beautiful images to last for a lifetime !

I look forward to hearing from you.